A downloadable game for Windows

In a world literally out of this world. One man explores the universe to follow his dream of running from homing rockets.

The player aims to get as high a score as possible by collecting 'pickups' whilst avoiding an untimely death by collision with a homing rocket or an asteroid. With every pick up collected a new rocket is spawned. Rockets last 7 seconds before exploding and re-spawning off screen. When the player has collected enough pickups to fuel the ships warp drive the ship warps to a new sector. The current rocket count is reset to 1 and the number of pickups needed for the next warp is increased by 1.

The ships on board weapons system seems to be mysteriously disabled... Thankfully the ship comes equipped with a warp boost. A double tap on an arrow key will allow you to warp through obstacles as well as instantly change direction, although watch out, this uses up energy which is replenished by shooting star dust and warping to the next sector.

Master the controls and soon you'll be amazed as you dodge past a rocket and through a rapidly closing gap between two meteors to get that new high score.

Install instructions

1.Run RocketRun_setup.exe to install

2.Launch game from desktop shortcut called Rocket Run.exe

3.The game installs to Program Files\IronicIndustries\Rocket Run


RocketRun_setup.exe 27 MB